Love Thy Nature World Premieres

Press Date: 
Mon, August 11, 2014

Los Angeles, CA, September 10th, 2014 – In The Light Productions is pleased to announce that Love Thy Nature will have its World Premiere on October 18th, 2014 at 7:30PM at the ArcLight, as part of the Hollywood Film Festival – which now focuses the spotlight on socially conscious films.

World-renowned actor Liam Neeson narrated Love Thy Nature, as the voice of “Sapiens”. Following the much-anticipated screening, there will be a “glorified” Q&A with the director, who will be joined by four “agents of change”: Joel Reynolds – NRDC’s Western Director; Torin Dunnavant – TreePeople’s Community Engagement Manager; Julian Walker – Mind/body healer; and Alexandra Paul – Actress/Activist. This special evening will close with a surprise gift to each member of the audience.

The award-winning film is a new feature documentary that takes viewers on a cinematic journey into the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world. And while our environmental crisis threatens the very survival of our own species, Love Thy Nature shows how a renewed connection with nature holds the key to a highly advanced new era in human evolution.

Interviews with renowned scientists and scholars explore a new cutting edge science – biomimicry – which taps into nature’s four billion years of R&D for some of the most brilliant inventions. In the medical field, doctors are unveiling new findings on the role of nature to heal the body and promote the development of the brain. The film explores how our sense of meaning and wonder derives from feeling connected to the natural world.

Emmy-nominated director Sylvie Rokab began work on Love Thy Nature from a desire to use breathtaking cinematography to awaken viewers’ reverence for the natural world. A self-described “technophile-in-love-with-nature,” (she is also a cinematographer and editor) Rokab feels that a healthy and sustainable civilization is one that integrates both technology and nature. Rokab is excited to be premiering the film at Hollywood Film Festival, which under Jon Fitzgerald’s management uses cinema to affect positive change in the world.