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Jul 25, 2017 InspireNation

Radio Interview with Award Winning Director Sylvie Rokab

Rediscover your Love of Live
Apr 17, 2017 An Organic Conversation

Radio Interview with director Sylvie Rokab

Love Thy Nature: a beautiful reminder of the gift of life
Feb 28, 2017 KXLU - Center Stage

Radio Interview with director Sylvie Rokab

Love Thy Nature looks at our relationship with Mother Earth
Dec 21, 2016 Educational Reviews Online

Love Thy Nature Film Review

A delightful hymn of nature, its beauty, and its intricate relationship with human beings.
Dec 04, 2016 SUNY - at Buffalo

Anthropology Review

A lovely, hopeful, and inspiring film argues passionately for the essential relationship between humanity and nature.
May 31, 2016 Huffington Post

Love Thy Nature: Rethinking Our Connections

"It promotes the goal of building nature into everyday experiences — from places of learning and work to hospitals and homes"
May 04, 2016 LA YOGA

Love Thy Nature film review

"This documentary reminds you of just how precious nature is through incredible HD cinematography of nature"
May 04, 2016 Palisades News

Love Thy Nature is a Celebration

"Visually stunning and gently moving piece that reminds viewers how necessary a connection to nature is, both for our species as a whole and each individual person."
May 02, 2016 Spirituality and Practice

An innovative and soul-stirring documentary for Earth Day.

"Sylvie Rokab has created a visually stunning, soul-stirring, and timely documentary"
May 02, 2016 Eluxe Magazine

Exclusive Interview with Love Thy Nature Director Sylvie Rokab

"Love Thy Nature is an inspiring and eye-opening full-immersion in nature"
May 01, 2016 Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine

The Power of Plants

"The film is beautifully done, well thought out and extremely inspiring and uplifting"
Apr 29, 2016 ECO 18


"Rokab shapes the film to check in with the viewers’ senses, capturing breathtaking views of landscapes and wildlife across the world"

Just in time for Earth Day, Sylvie Rokab's LOVE THY NATURE hits NYC (and a bit later in L.A.) by James van Maanen

"Narrated by that vocal delight, Liam Neeson, and filmed everywhere from the USA to Brazil, the Caribbean and Namibia, the cinematography of the natural world shown here is indeed gorgeous"
Apr 22, 2016 The NYC Movie Guru

Documentary Round-Up – LOVE THY NATURE

"An enlightening and powerful ode to the vital symbiosis of man and nature. It's one of the most powerful and inspiring documentaries since An Inconvenient Truth"
Apr 22, 2016 Bonner County Daily Bee


"Traversing the globe, Love Thy Nature shares the dazzling spectacles of our planet"
Apr 21, 2016 THE HOT PINK PEN

Love Thy Nature

"Love Thy Nature seeks to inform its audience without demanding. And it succeeds."
Apr 20, 2016 STARHERALD

Film focuses on benefits of connecting with nature

"Nothing has had as much research, time, effort and craft put into it as Love thy Nature”

Love Thy Nature” Gives Us Hope

Link to Sylvie’s interview with Pamela:
Apr 16, 2016 Goshen News

Unplug the kids and enjoy reconnecting with nature

"With mesmerizing artistry and fascinating details, the film explores how nature nourishes us."
Apr 15, 2016 VILLAGE VOICE

Lush Environmental Doc 'Love Thy Nature' Dares to Offer Some Hope

"Rokab alternates between hopeful and grim prognoses, mercifully providing a measure of hope and possibility that many films of this ilk do not."

Film Review: Love Thy Nature” by Aviva Press's blog

"A compelling documentary about the need for humans to reconnect and rely on nature for Earth’s survival"
Sep 21, 2015 NRDC's OnEarth

A New Film Gives Big Picture View of Life on Earth

"An uplifting and beautifully choreographed film about the interconnectedness of the world"

Rotten Tomatoes - Film Review - by Avi Offer - Score: 9.85/10

"One of the most powerful and inspiring documentaries since An Inconvenient Truth!"
May 01, 2015 YOGI TIMES

Yogi Times - Film Review - by Ellen White

"Love Thy Nature is a unique and awe-inspiring journey!"
Apr 14, 2015 PRX San Francisco

Radio Interview with Sylvie Rokab. Host: Andrea Chase

Rokab explains biomimicry, filmmaking as a spiritual practice, and directing Liam Neeson, who provides the narration for her film.
Apr 14, 2015 An Organic Conversation

Radio Interview with Sylvie Rokab. Hosts: Helge Hellberg & Sitarani Palomar

Sylvie explores the depth of our connection with nature and the reasons for compassion towards the human species
Mar 01, 2015 Palm Springs Life

Sylvie Rokab: An Interview with a Biophile

Nov 13, 2014 New Times - Broward, Palm Beach

FLIFF: Sylvie Rokab Talks Love Thy Nature

Oct 31, 2014 Ventura County Star

Nature's Glow

Aug 07, 2014 IndieFest Film Awards

IndieFest Film Awards - Interview with the director

Sep 11, 2011 KPFK Los Angeles

Radio Interview with Sylvie Rokab. Host: Sergio Mielniczenko

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