Director's Statement

People often ask me why I made this film, so I thought I’d share my story here with you. I was born in Rio and raised by parents who were nature-lovers. I was a lucky gal: the Rio beaches and the Atlantic forest were my backyard! I was tom-boyish, and the natural world fed my need for adventure, discovery, and wonder. But what was most fun was to share it with friends – climbing trees, jumping on rivers, and chasing critters (or each other!)

As an adult — and filmmaker — that desire to share nature with others only grew. But I also started seeing the destruction of the places I called home --- run offs poisoning rivers, fires consuming forests, silence replacing sounds of life. My heart kept breaking in pieces…

I wondered... how could anyone let this happen? If people felt connected to nature as much as I did, would they still allow its destruction? If millions of species on this planet know how to work with nature, why can’t we? These thoughts and feelings became the seed for Love Thy Nature.

Through the transformation of Liam Neeson’s character “Sapiens,” the film invites viewers to fall in love with nature. My wish is that they come to realize that a deeper connection with the natural world won’t just ignite

a desire to protect it, but also allow them to experience a new level of health, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in their own lives.

Since the time I was that kid running in the forest, I’ve been fed, restored, and awed by the natural world. Love Thy Nature is my homage to its magic, power, and genius. And it’s my gift to you. I hope it will inform and inspire you, your family, school, and community, so that we can help transform and restore our precious world – from the inside out.

Wishing you Nature.