Host A Screening

"We've partnered with Tugg, an innovative platform that allows anyone to host screenings in theaters and community venues around the world! To find out how, please watch this brief how-to video. Many Thanks!" -Director, Sylvie Rokab

Host a Community Screening

How it Works

Review the info below, then follow these quick steps:

  • Select a Community Screening License thru Tugg
  • Register with an Event Page
  • Sit back and enjoy the movie with your community!

Community Screening License Pricing

A screening license gives you permission to host a one-time public screening at your own venue. Wanna show Love Thy Nature multiple times?
Great! Contact us for a bulk discount.

  • Educational Institutions (Single Screening Rental)
    K-12/public library, 1-250 attendees – $200
    University, 1-250 attendees – $275
  • Community Organizations & Individuals (Single Screening Rental)
    (Free admission) 1-250 attendees - $175
    (Charge for admission*) 1-120 attendees – $350
    (Charge for admission*) 121-250 attendees – $750

*If you would like to charge more than $15 for admission or host an audience exceeding 250 please contact us for a quote.

Use your screening to inspire and spark change: Turn it into a fundraiser, promote your cause, invite speakers, ignite discussions, or follow it with a nature-connecting activity. You can also make a request to have our director Sylvie Rokab attend for a Q&A.

Each Screening License Includes:

Get The Most From Your Screening

Don’t have funds for a Screening License, but still want to bring Love Thy Nature to your community? Host a Theatrical Screening!

Request A Quote

Not sure which license is for you? A couple of helpful hints:
1.) A "License Purchase" allows you to keep the media and a "Single Screening Rental" is for a one-time showing.
2.) Select the license type that best matches your organization type.

Filling out this form does not commit you to purchase a screening license.

Contact Information
If you are unsure, please enter an estimated figure here.
Both options include Public Performance Rights (PPR), which provide legal permission to screen a film in public. Option B is usually reserved for educational institutions.

Host a Theatrical Screening

A Love Thy Nature theatrical screening is free to set up through the Tugg crowd-sourcing platform, and your organization receives 5% of the profits. Once enough tickets are sold, your event is confirmed!

How it Works

Things to Know:

  • Screening in a theater thru Tugg, you must pre-sell a certain number of tickets—the "threshold"—for the screening to be confirmed. We suggest allowing 5–7 weeks to plan your event and use our tools to help you promote and track tickets.
  • Once you reach the threshold, your theater booking is confirmed, and tickets will remain on sale through your event page until 4 hours prior to the event. If enough tickets are not reserved before the deadline, the screening is cancelled and no one is charged for the reservation.